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Slip and fall accidents resulting from wet floors and other conditions can lead to serious injuries and costly payments. If you or someone close has been injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property, you may have the right to seek financial compensation.

Even injuries that seem minor can be costly and may keep you from working for a long time. To help you recover medical expenses and lost income after a slip and fall accident, contact one of our experienced premises liability lawyer at Shea Kohl Law, LC.

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What are slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are the most common type of lawsuits categorized under “premises liability.” They are usually caused by ice, loose debris, or slippery substances on the floor.

Slip and fall accidents occur mostly at shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, cinema, supermarkets, and other public areas. These accidents are often caused by:

  • floors made slippery by moisture or grease
  • leaks and spillage
  • ice and other weather hazards
  • loose rugs or floor mats
  • damaged or missing handrails
  • low-traction flooring
  • uneven stair steps
  • loose debris on the floor

Safe passageways are required by law on all private and public premises. If you got hurt on an unsafe walkway, you are may be entitled to claim damages for your injury.

What injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall accidents frequently occur on hard surfaces. The victims, in most cases, are not able to brace themselves in time to break their fall. The various injuries can develop as a result of these accidents include:

  • broken bones
  • back or neck injuries
  • soft tissue injuries
  • head injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traumatic brain injury

Who must be liable for a slip and fall accident?

Owners and occupiers of property in Missouri are required by law to keep their premises in a safe enough condition to prevent injury to people coming onto the property. Property owners must maintain their premises in a suitable manner and comply with all legal standards. Unsafe conditions must be promptly fixed to prevent accidents.

Property owners are responsible for warning customers, visitors, or pedestrians of hazardous conditions that could potentially cause injuries. The owner is liable for damages for failure to comply with this standard of care.

How can I receive compensation?

Seeking compensation after a slip and fall accident can be difficult. To file a claim for your losses, consult a premises liability lawyer immediately after the accident.

Insurance companies do their best to play down or deny compensation claims. Your lawyer should be better at helping you obtain the damages you are entitled to.

Your premises liability lawyer can do the following on your behalf.

Gather evidence

Some establishments and their maintenance staff hide or destroy vital evidence that could help an accident victim build a strong case. Thoroughly documenting the accident scene helps provide a way to prove negligence. Along with that documentation, your lawyer will immediately begin the process of interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence at the scene that may support your case.

Evidence must be collected as soon as possible. The accident scene must be photographed and conditions that led to the accident must be recorded. Examining surveillance videos and security records must be done shortly after the accident rather than later.

File your claim

Your lawyer will file your premises liability claim with the courts to start your legal pursuit for compensation. This will elicit mediation or negotiations with the insurance providers and prompt the court to arrange a trial date for your case.

Handle settlement negotiations

A settlement negotiation is a workable resolution strategy in some slip and fall accident cases. Your lawyer will try to arrange a settlement that provides for all your losses including any future expenses that may arise as a result of your accident.

Represent you in court

If a settlement negotiation won’t work in your best interest, your lawyer will take your case to court to push for a compensation decision in your favor.

Discuss your slip and fall injuries with us

A premises liability claim may not only help you recover financially. It may also change the way the property owner maintains their premises and help prevent others from getting injured. Contact a Shea Kohl Law, LC premises liability lawyer to represent you in a slip and fall accident lawsuit in St. Charles County.

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