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Missouri’s child custody laws maintain that gender is not a factor in the granting of child custody. Yet fathers still face obstacles when custody of a baby or a young child is at issue. They feel defenseless against their child’s mother and unable to make important decisions about their children’s health, education and general welfare.

At Shea Kohl Law in St. Charles MO, we help fathers defend their custody rights and help them gain the parenting time they need to nurture relationships with their children.

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The importance of establishing paternity

Many children today are born of unwed parents. Although parents may agree on the paternity of their child, an unmarried father must act quicky to obtain legal rights to custody and visitation.

Unwed parents in Missouri can sign an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity when their child is born. This legal document states that both parents recognize the paternity of their child. That does not automatically grant custody and visitation rights to the father. Fathers must instead petition a court to establish their paternity to enforce parenting time.

Children are not presumed to be better off with their mothers. A growing number of fathers today are in fact being awarded with joint physical and legal custody in St. Charles MO. Some fathers are even granted sole physical and legal custody when it is in the best interests of the child.

Establishing paternity ensures that your child can rightfully inherit from you and get access to Social Security, veterans, or health benefits you may have.

Preventing the breach of a father’s rights

The violation of a father’s rights in St. Charles, Missouri is not a consequence of the law itself. Rather, it is usually caused by the people involved in the case.

The violation of your rights as a father can cause anger and frustration. Our legal team is committed to eliminating these. We solve different issues for our clients, which include:

  • Situations where the father is denied visitation rights
  • Cases where the mother interferes with custody arrangements
  • Cases where increase in child support payments is demanded
  • Issues where the father is claiming paternity or denying paternity
  • Cases where the mother relocates the child without the father’s consent
  • Cases where child custody arrangements are modified
  • Accusations of child molestation or abuse
  • Situations where the child is physically or emotionally endangered by the mother’s behavior

Courts determine a child custody arrangement based on the best interests of the child. They know the importance of having both parents equally involved in their children’s lives. That is why the father’s rights attorneys at Shea Kohl Law advocate shared parenting and for Missouri courts to recognize father’s rights.

Our legal team can help establish your rights as a father

Since mothers give birth, their relation to a child is rarely questioned. Fathers, unfortunately, can be taken out of a child’s life by the mother or other family members who refuse to acknowledge a father’s right to play a vital part in their children’s’ lives.

If you are struggling to assert your paternal rights to an unsympathetic co-parent or their family, it might seem you have few legal options to secure your role in your child’s life. Laws governing these circumstances are harsh, particularly if certain conditions are not met. A child’s mother or caretaker may prevail over a father’s claims and essentially prevent him from getting involved in his child’s life.

A father must have legal counsel who is experienced in handling father’s rights issues. Our father’s rights attorneys at Shea Kohl Law are well-versed with the various hurdles unmarried fathers face and how to present thorough and compelling arguments in their favor.

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