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I Was a Passenger in a Car Accident in Missouri, Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Passenger in a Car Accident in Missouri, Who Pays My Medical BillsA passenger injured in a car collision is treated differently for insurance purposes than the driver of a vehicle.

A vehicle passenger typically cannot be blamed in an accident. Drivers have the duty to provide their passenger due care. They are expected to obey road safety rules and use good judgment. The passenger or their family can sue the driver for damages in the event of an accident or fatal collision. The driver at fault and their insurance company must compensate the injured passenger for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and so on.

What are a passenger’s options for recovering compensation after a car accident?

All drivers must exercise the highest level of care, especially with a passenger on board. Passengers injured in auto accidents have several options for recovering compensation.

The first step to determine the rights of the passenger in a car collision is to find out who caused the accident. In many cases, more than one driver is at fault. Police reports and other accident information should be promptly investigated. This includes taking driver statements and talking to witnesses.

Passenger rights against the other vehicle’s driver

When the other vehicle’s driver is proven to be at fault, an injured passenger can claim compensation for their losses against that driver’s insurance policy.

Passenger rights when the driver of the same vehicle is at fault

When the accident was caused by the driver of the car in which the injured passenger was riding, compensation may be filed against that driver’s or vehicle’s insurance policy. Special rules may apply if the driver at fault is a member of the passenger’s own family.

Passenger rights when both drivers are at fault

When both drivers are found to be at fault in many car collisions, an injured passenger may file claims against both drivers’ insurance policies. The driver with a larger fault percentage must commensurately pay a larger amount of damages.

Passenger rights under their own insurance policy

If the passenger has their own car insurance policy, one option that is to use medical payments coverage or Med Pay. This option covers medical bills up to the amount stipulated in case of a car collision injury, no matter who is at fault. If a passenger was injured while riding in someone else’s vehicle, they can file a medical payments claim against the guilty driver’s policy as well as their own policy, even if their own vehicle wasn’t involved in the accident.

Another option an injured passenger can use is underinsured motorist coverage. This choice is particularly helpful when the guilty driver doesn’t have enough insurance coverage needed to cover damages. The passenger can claim coverage against the vehicle’s policy as well as their own personal policy, even if their own vehicle wasn’t involved.

Contact a Missouri personal injury attorney to discuss how you can file for compensation

Recovering compensation as an injured passenger in a Missouri car accident is a difficult process. There are, however, numerous means of seeking compensation to cover medical costs and other losses. Begin by getting the advice of a competent Missouri personal injury attorney.

The lawyers at Shea Kohl Law, LC are experienced in handling personal injury claims. We’ll help determine the accountable party in an auto accident and advise you on which insurance policy is most likely to compensate you for your injuries and losses.

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