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How Much is Workers’ Comp Pay in Missouri?

How Much is Workers’ Comp Pay in Missouri?The amount of compensation that injured workers receive in Missouri can vary depending on several factors. These include the type and severity of the injury, the average weekly wage of the employee, and the level of disability.

For instance, for an injured employee who cannot work any job, Missouri’s temporary total disability benefits are at a rate of 66.66% (two-thirds) of the worker’s average weekly wage. This is subject to minimum and maximum limits as determined by the law.

Temporary Disability Benefits in Missouri

If your doctor determines you are unable to work, or can only work with limitations, Missouri provides temporary disability benefits to compensate for a portion of your lost wages.

In the first three days of absence, you may not receive these payments unless you cannot do your regular job duties for more than 14 days. Temporary disability payments will continue until one of the following conditions is met:

  • You are deemed fit to resume your regular job responsibilities.
  • Your doctor confirms that you have attained maximum medical improvement (MMI), indicating that further improvement in your condition is unlikely.
  • You have reached the applicable maximum duration for receiving these benefits.

Temporary disability benefits in Missouri workers’ comp are further categorized into total disability and partial disability.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you are totally unable to work during your recovery period, you are eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. These benefits amount to two-thirds of your average weekly earnings prior to being injured or falling ill. From July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024, the maximum TTD benefit is $1,186.51 per week. However, a minimum amount of $40 per week is also guaranteed.

The maximum amount of TTD weekly benefits changes annually in July to keep up with the changing labor landscape. The maximum TTD benefit is computed as 105% of the statewide average salary per week at the time of the injury. 

You cannot receive TTD benefits for a duration exceeding 400 weeks.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

If your doctor allows you to resume work with certain restrictions, such as light duties, you may be eligible to receive temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. These benefits are calculated as two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury wages and the amount you can reasonably earn while you have your injury.

The maximum and minimum rates for TPD benefits are the same as those for total temporary disability (TTD). However, the duration for which you can avail TPD benefits is limited to a maximum of 100 weeks.

Permanent Disability Benefits in Missouri

Once you have reached a stage where there are no further improvements in your medical condition, your doctor will assess if you have any permanent disability

Permanent Total Disability

If the medical evidence indicates that you are completely and permanently disabled, you may be eligible to receive permanent total disability benefits. These benefits are provided at the same rate as Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits, with the same maximum and minimum amounts. However, this financial support can continue for as long as you remain unable to work, potentially for the duration of your life.

In cases where your permanent disability is from a specific occupational disease arising from toxic exposure, such as mesothelioma or black lung disease, workers’ compensation will provide additional monetary compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability

If your doctor determines that you have permanent impairments that only partially hinder your ability to work, you may qualify for permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits. The amount of these benefits is calculated as two-thirds of your pre-injury wages, with a maximum limit set at 55% of the statewide average weekly wage at the time of your injury.

For injuries occurring between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024, this maximum benefit amounts to $621.51 per week. The duration of these payments depends on the severity of your disability and the specific body part affected.

Benefits for Disfigurement

If your head, neck, hands, or arms have sustained permanent disfigurement due to the work-related injury, the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) may grant you an additional compensation award, not exceeding the equivalent of 40 weeks’ worth of benefits.

Other Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Missouri

Aside from temporary and permanent disability benefits, Missouri offers other types of workers’ compensation benefits, including:

Medical treatment

Your employer’s insurance company is obligated to cover all reasonable medical treatment required for your work-related injury or illness. In Missouri, your employer or its insurer reserves the right to choose your workers’ compensation treating physician. Upon reporting your injury, you will receive information on how to seek necessary medical care.

Medical travel expenses

If you are required to attend medical examinations or receive treatment outside your job’s local area, the insurance company must reimburse you for reasonable and essential travel expenses.

Death benefits

Death benefits are available to the surviving spouse or dependent children in the event of an employee’s death caused by a work-related injury or illness. These benefits are paid on a weekly basis, equivalent to the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits, and are subject to the same maximum and minimum limits. The benefits will continue until the surviving spouse remarries or passes away. 

If there are still dependent children, the benefits will be divided among them until they reach the age of 18 (or 22 if they are full-time students) or as long as they remain physically or mentally incapacitated. Additionally, workers’ compensation also covers reasonable burial expenses up to $5,000 for the deceased employee.

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