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How Medical Bills are Paid After Car Accident in Missouri

Car crash victims often spend many months going through surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments to regain the normal functioning of their body. Even a minor car accident may require a trip to the emergency room or a medical specialist. Accident victims often get into serious financial trouble due to the rising costs of medical treatment. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Missouri, make sure you know who is liable for paying your unexpected medical expenses.

Like most U.S. states, Missouri follows the at-fault rule which holds the driver who caused your injuries completely responsible for damages. You could, however, wait for months before their insurance company settles your claim.

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How do I pay the least for my medical treatment?

There are several ways you can reduce the medical treatment costs for your injuries. Consult an experienced car accident attorney to assist you in filing your claims and with help in understanding your options. Below are some of the insurance sources that you should look into.

  • MedPay
    Missouri follows the at-fault standard that holds the negligent party liable for compensating car accident victims. However, you can purchase MedPay car insurance coverage that you can use to pay your medical bills – no matter who caused the accident – up to the coverage limits. Understand, of course, that this must be purchased before an accident.
  • At-fault party’s insurance company
    In Missouri, paying all your medical bills is the responsibility of the negligent party’s insurance company. Your lawyer can help you in filing your claims and in defending your right for a just compensation.
  • Your health insurance
    You can pay your medical bills through your health insurance. You must have proof, however, that you used all your available MedPay coverage. You also need to reimburse the payments made by your health insurance provider out of your settlement with the other party’s insurance company
  • Group Health, Medicaid, and Medicare plans
    Group health plans like BlueCross, BlueShield and Aetna, along with Medicaid and Medicare, pay for covered medical treatments on a negotiated fee basis. They are entitled to get back the payments they made on your behalf when you collect a third-party settlement. This may appear that you’re losing more money by repaying your group health plan. Don’t forget, however, that the group health plan covered your medical expenses at a negotiated rate and thus spared you from having to pay the original bill’s full amount.
  • Can my heal insurance put a lien on my settlement?
    Some medical care providers may agree to postpone collecting their bills until your claim has been settled. They may place a lien on your settlement that requires them to be fully reimbursed out of its proceeds before you can actually see compensation.

If you have been injured in a car accident then you have the right to choose your own medical care provider. Not the insurance company. The hospital, physical therapist, or doctor does not normally charge the other party’s insurance company directly. They must be paid instead by out-of-pocket, health insurance, through MedPay, or at the settlement of your case.

What if I fail to pay my medical bills?

Paying medical bills is your responsibility until your car accident claims have been settled or a jury has reached its verdict. Failure to settle your medical bills may get your account handed over to a collection agency. This can harm your credit score as well.

How can a lawyer help with my auto accident claim?

A personal injury attorney knows how auto accident claims work. They will collect all the facts about the accident and assess all of your property damages, losses, and injuries. They can guide you through the process and help you get a fair settlement.

Insurance companies will do everything to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. A lawyer can file a damages claim against the other party’s insurance company and arrange for the highest possible compensation for your case.

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